Calming Care Package

Calming Care Package

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Our Calming Care Package includes five all-natural formulas plus one accessory to help calm and rejuvenate your skin, relax your mind and promote self-care.

Soothing Oil Vitamin E and Avocado oil heal and nourish the skin. Blue Chamomile essential oil is anti-inflammatory and good for muscle aches and inflammation. Lavender essential oil is calming for sensitive skin. This is a great combination for those with reactive skin. Our Soothing Oil is great for your face, body and hair. All natural goodness with 100% pure essential oils.

Cream Cleanser with Healing Oil - Our gentle, cream cleanser that can be used both morning and night. All natural, plant based ingredients that include coconut, shea butter and pure neroli essential oil which works on a cellular level to regenerate skin cells. Suitable for normal, dry, sensitive and mature skin. Follow with our Restorative Healing Toner.

Healing Oil Balm -A solid version of our Healing Oil allowing it to stay on the skin longer, which increases the benefits of the skin healing ingredients. May be used on chapped skin, redness, irritation, eczema, scrapes or as a barrier cream.

Vitamin E helps heal irritated skin and cracked lips. Neroli essential oil can help reduce any scarring and assists with cellular regeneration. Borage oil aids in restoring moisture and smoothness.

Therapeutic Mint Roll On Mint and Eucalyptus provide cooling and uplifting benefits for your mind and body. Roll on your wrists, neck or temples.

Handcrafted Lavender Soap Bar Nourish and moisturize your skin while you soothe your mind with the beautiful and herbal scent of lavender.

This gift set comes beautifully packaged in our new Maison Apothecare signature gift box.