Foot & Leg Care Package

Foot & Leg Care Package

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We're introducing TWO brand new products featured within this carefully curated kit which focuses on foot and leg care. 

Vanilla & Cypress Shaving CreamNEW! to the Maison Apothecare collection, this shaving cream features cypress essential oil known to help relieve muscle pain and swelling in the legs. The addition of vanilla offers a pleasing and uplifting scent.

Fresh Flowers Foot Scrub - Pamper your feet with these easy to apply, soothing heart scrubbers. Reduce roughness and reinvigorate your hard working heels.

Argan & Mint Lotion - Argan oil nourishes and moisturizes the skin.  Mint cools and refreshes.  Great for all skin types including dry and sensitive.

Healing Oil Balm - Vitamin E helps heal irritated, cracked skin. Neroil essential oil can help reduce any scaring and assists with cellular regeneration. Borage oil aids in restoring moisture and smoothness. Apply at night to feet, focusing on heels for extra rejuvenation while you sleep!  

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