Calming Care Kit For Kids

Calming Care Kit For Kids

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We're excited to introduce our first ever Calming Care Kit for Kids!

This limited edition kit includes all the essentials for promoting a sense of calm, relaxation and healthy hand hygiene. Read on for all the details. 

Book: Ready-To-Read "Wash Your Hands!"
Achoo! Achoo! Cough! Cough! The kids in Mrs. Connor's class are getting sick. But Mrs. Connor knows just how to get rid of germs. Soon everyone joins in the fight against germs - and they win!

Yoga Cards For Joyful Learning - Practicing yoga is an excellent way to relax the mind and body. Includes 40 cards that offer fun, playful poses. 20 illustrate the various yoga postures, and the other 20 describe poses for your child, in simple, fun rhyme.

Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer in Bubblegum - Offering a combination of ylang ylang, eucalyptus and white grapefruit essential oils, this formula will sanitize hands without any harsh aroma. Health Canada approved. 62% grape ethanol alcohol.

Pink Lemon Aide Hand Wash - This foaming hand wash combines everything you love about our best selling Lemon Aide formula with a hint of "pink" from the addition of may chang essential oil offering an incredible citrus scent. Large foaming pump makes this wash very kid-friendly.

Sweet Dreams Aromatic Mist - This mist offers a soothing aroma to help calm and relax at night.  Made with a beautiful blend of pure essential oils to promote the perfect night's sleep.

Sleepy Owl Boo Boo Stick - One of our Founder's favourites! Heal your child's boo-boos with this easy-to-apply roll-on stick; even little ones can apply by themselves. Our formula contains arnica, known for healing bruises and swelling as well organic lavender and tea tree essential oils known for their anti-bacterial properties. May be applied to bumps, bruises, scrapes & insect bites. You can also write your child's name on the designated spot on the label.

Orange & Vanilla Lip Balm - Made with Canadian beeswax and pure essential oils, this balm is great for providing a thin layer on lips to maintain moisture. Great for hydration and healing.

Pink Grapefruit Bath Bomb - Grapefruit essential oil helps fight acne and promotes the appearance of clear, healthy-looking skin. Sea salt helps cleanse the pores while balancing oil production and retaining moisture. Plus, bath bombs are fun!

Bonus: Convenient travel size Kleenex - perfect for backpacks!

This gift set comes beautifully packaged in our new Maison Apothecare signature gift box.

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