October Surprise Box

October Surprise Box

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Our October surprise will remind of you everything you love about fall and this beautiful time of year! Available now for pre-orders, this box will include a minimum of seven full size products, plus a bonus item. Spruce blossom, citrus, pumpkin and eucalyptus will be featured within this box celebrating the beauty of this wonderful season.

Sneak Peek!
Included within this box is our incredible Soothing Balm. Offered in a convenient travel size, this balm is anti-inflammatory and acts as a protective barrier, helping to heal rashes and reduce redness. Blue chamomile and lavender are calming and help to soothe irritated and dry skin. 

If you're ordering other products in addition to this box your complete order will arrive together with your surprise. 

Boxes will begin shipping the week of October 26th and include free shipping!

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